The Road Less Traveled.

Zach Carson has spent the last fifteen years building businesses that focus on solving social and environmental issues throughout the United States and beyond.  His passion for business and creating positive change has made him an innovator in the world of sustainability and the next generation of America’s green entrepreneurs. His professional track record exemplifies his keen eye for emerging trends, and his vision and drive to successfully implement change can be seen throughout his various projects.  A systems thinker, Zach approaches the dilemmas of business and society holistically, with a mind to create and implement lasting solutions and forward-thinking strategies.

Zach has a strong ability to network and build symbiotic relationships, as well as motivate others while building realistic approaches and roadmaps to accomplish ambitious goals.  He is a proven team leader, capable of working with virtual teams, and managing diverse groups of employees, volunteers and interns. Zach is also known for his broad expertise and skillsets, which allows for quick and effective project execution. He is self-directed and able to work on complex projects without requiring close supervision – yet loves the opportunity to collaborate. He is also able to grasp complicated and evolving systems, helping to identify opportunities, and to convey their depth and potential to others.

Zach has led various campaigns that have given national recognition to the GMO, Biofuels and Sustainability movements.  Acting as a director, marketer and fundraiser, he has been able to bridge the gap between the creative community and the business and funding community, a necessary skill when trying to affect change on a massive scale. He has helped raise over $1m in his career for various campaigns and events, and has helped other groups and companies raise and earn the necessary budgets to operate effectively.

In 2005, Zach made national headlines by driving one of the first vegetable oil-powered buses across the country, teaching about alternative fuels. His trip paved the way for the Sustainable Living Roadshow, a caravan of educators, activist and entertainers that toured the country setting up eco festivals. The Sustainable Living Roadshow gave sustainability a mainstream voice by leveraging already well-attended destinations. During that time, Zach produced over 200 events, five national tours, seven regional tours, and two tours internationally.

Zach recently earned an MBA in Sustainability and Leadership Management from Presidio Graduate School, Zach founded Nature Partners, a value-based online marketplace which uses the sharing-economy to activate underutilized natural spaces. Nature Partners works with summer camps, ski resorts, parks and farms to help fill vacant days with rentals of festivals, conferences, retreats and private events. He has partnered nationally with Boy Scouts of America, Ted Turner, American Camping Association and Mountain Rider’s Alliance to attract and book new customers on their nature properties.

“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

– Buckminster Fuller

“My ideas have undergone a process of emergence by emergency. When they are needed badly enough, they are accepted.”

– Buckminster Fuller